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You’ve just discovered that the baby that you are about to have in a few months time is going to be a boy. Now, you are ready to start decorating the nursery for your little one, but aren’t quite sure how to start.
The good news is that there are literally thousands of nursery decorating themes suited to little boys. Cars, trucks, trains, and planes always make a great theme nursery for little boys. There are also cowboy themes, jungle themes, farm themes, and cartoon characters. Then there are all kinds of sports themes available as well.
Since decorating is usually a pretty big expense for most family, you might want to choose a theme that will grow with your child so he can enjoy his room for the next three, four, or five years without a lot of expensive changes. That being said, the sky is really the limit when it comes to decorating a nursery.
Once you have chosen the theme for your new son’s room the next step is the actual decorating. This can seem a bit overwhelming to most new parents because you may not be sure where to start to pull the entire theme together. Here is a simple tip to decorating the nursery. Start by buying the bedding that you plan on using in the new nursery as your focal point and work outward.
By finding the bedding you want for that new little bundle of joy, you can then build the rest of the room around the bedding, blending colors and adding pictures and jungle boys that go well and pull the entire room together.
For example if you choose bedding that has colorful planes on it with a blue background for sky you can then paint the walls a similar shade of blue and add wispy white clouds. This is the perfect background to add pictures of colorful planes and even famous pilots if you desire. You can then either chose curtains that match your bedding or a plain curtain that brings out one of the bright colors in the bedding. Hang a plane mobile over the bed, add a white dresser with bright colored handles and a toy box with a plane on the front and your room is complete.
A jungle theme in which the bedding has a green background and lots of cute jungle animals, might mean painting the walls a light color to set off the dark bedding. You could place a fake rubber tree in the corner, put up shelves bearing all kinds of cute jungle animals, hang posters and pictures of rain forests, and of course a jungle mobile.
Cowboy themed bedding could lend itself well to having a mural of wild horses on one wall, and hanging a lariat and pictures of chuck wagons and cattle on another.
By choosing the bedding that you prefer first, it is simple and easy to design the room around the place where you new baby will spend the most time. You want the room to be cheerful and colorful and your bed and bedding where your little prince to reign to be the focal point around which the rest of the room grows.

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