Best Positions to Get Pregnant

Looking for the best position to get pregnant? Before we discuss about the best sex positions, let me clear something first: there is no best position in getting pregnant. תנוחות סקס מומלצות position has nothing to do with getting pregnant. Some may disagree with me, but you can get pregnant in any position such as man on top, woman on top, sitting, standing, lying down or any sex position. Pregnancy happens when the egg and sperm meets. Now, this is where it varies with any sex positions. It is best to choose sex position that allows you deposit sperm near the opening of the cervix.

Unluckily, there are still couples who find it hard to conceive maybe for several reasons; the sperm count maybe insufficient or weak, or wrong timing. Right timing really matters to get pregnant fast. Now, this is where you think of the best positions to get pregnant fast, the sperm needs to be deposited near the opening of the cervix. Gravity contributes a big part in conceiving. To get pregnant fast, women should be positioned where the sperm can swim towards opening of the cervix and not away from it. Sex positions that generally defy the gravity are standing up, sitting down, or any position that women are on top.

As mentioned above that right timing is a factor, it is true. The best time to have sex is the time when women are ovulating. It increases the chances of getting pregnant. But sometimes, some women are not aware of their ovulation period. Women should be aware of their ovulation period. This is where you choose the best positions to get pregnant. They say that missionary position allows the deepest penetration. Deep penetration helps the sperm to travel faster towards the cervix. The idea of getting pregnant fast is allowing the sperm to be deposited near the mouth of the cervix. Women should be positioned where the sperm can stay longer inside the vagina.

Couples should have sex as much as they can if they are planning to conceive. Although it’s still best to have sex during your ovulation period, but the ovulation period do not always happen at the same time of the previous ovulation. So, it’s best that you have sex as often as you can; if you can do it daily it would be better. Have sex before the ovulation period and not after to increase the percentage of getting pregnant.

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