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Dedicated eMail blast is a simple term used to describe an automatic email sent from a publisher, on behalf of the sponsor, to The Advertorial their registered email list. This email is exclusive to the sponsor s email, as the content is exclusively created by the sponsor. Such emails are sent as bulk mail to all the members of the list and most times contains special offers, which the members will surely like. It is quite popular among companies who want to promote their products by emailing the potential customers in their target market. It is also very beneficial to the advertisers as it helps them to reach out to a larger audience and makes them reach their potential market with more effect.
One of the best ways to create a dedicated email blast is by using in-line CSS. One can create a customized HTML table and place all the necessary elements like font, background, borders, images etc. But this option is available only to professional web designers and web development companies, as these experts use the professional tools available, which provide the desired look and feel for any type of material. The result is that one will end up with a unique and stunning template, which he or she can use for creating a professional newsletter.
One should keep in mind that for any sort of email marketing, the main goal is to connect with the prospective customers, so to have an opt in list is very important. Using a standard HTML newsletter template is the ideal option, as it allows maximum connection with the prospect. All the necessary information should be included such as the latest product launches, new product offers, special sales, discounts, etc. This newsletter should also contain an opt-in box, which allows the user to submit his/her email address for receiving the updates or promotional mails. One can also opt for a cross- browser email marketing solution which allows sending messages across multiple platforms and browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
It is very important to have a dedicated email blast campaign, which can deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. One should make sure that the emails are opened and read by the target audience, so the content of the emails should be relevant and useful for the recipients. To make sure that the emails reach the right people, there are certain tips and tricks, which should be followed: * Have a unique subject line for each email. * Keep the body brief and to the point. * Make sure that there is no grammar or spelling error in the email.
* Create an attractive subject line. A good subject line will help to compel the reader’s action. * Have a brief but powerful message for every email. * Have a call to action in the last paragraph. The call to action can be an irresistible offer or a sales pitch, which will get the reader to act accordingly.
* Always provide a link to opt-in form in the signature line. In addition to the above mentioned tips, another thing that can help you achieve success is to give your subscribers an option to sign up or opt-out of your list. Your email marketing strategy should include a separate opt-in blast. * Make sure that you do not overwhelm your subscribers with too many emails. Make sure that your emails contain good quality material and add value to your subscribers.
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* Use in-line CSS styles for styling your emails. Email Blast experts recommend using in-line CSS styles for styling your email because this helps to prevent the dreaded ‘jquery headache’ which sometimes occurs due to excess JavaScript usage. * Use standard HTML text format for formatting your emails. Email Blast experts always recommend that you use plain text format for your email blasts to ensure that your readers do not encounter any formatting issues. * Keep your content brief and concise.
* Opt for mobile device compatibility for your email blast campaign. Since majority of the population accesses their mobile devices through mobile websites, it would be wise to send your promotional information across to them via these devices. * Use File size option. In order to ensure that your email blasts are received on time, you can use the ‘file size’ option for your promotional information so that it can be easily downloaded onto the recipients mobile devices without any issues.

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