Helpful Cleaning House Tips

When it comes time to clean your house you want to make sure that you are going to make it as easy and as efficient as possible. No one wants to spend their entire free time cleaning the house so here are a few helpful cleaning house tips to help you get your house spick and span in a very short honeywell thermostat flashing cool on.

The first thing I do is gather all of my cleaning supplies and materials and put them in a bucket so I can carry them around with me and have them easily accessible when I am ready to use them.

Now you are armed and ready to go, but where do you start? Well, a good rule of thumb is to always start from the top down. So go ahead and clean the ceiling, ceiling fans, walls, and windows first. This works because the stuff you are cleaning up top falls to the ground and you don’t want to have to clean the floor twice.

When I clean I usually will work towards the kitchen leaving the kitchen as the last room to clean in the house.

Bathrooms first, then bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms, then finally the kitchen. There’s really no reason for this besides that it’s just a pattern that I have got used to and now I use it every time. I would suggest you find a comfortable method and pattern to use as well as it will really help you organize your thoughts and make cleaning go faster and more efficiently.

When you are ready to start cleaning, be prepared to get down to the nitty gritty and dress accordingly. Where comfortable clothes that you aren’t too concerned about ruining. Stock your bucket with plenty of clean and dirty towels and sponges.

A vacuum cleaner can be used in every room to assist with your cleaning efforts. Use it to clean the dust off the walls, dirt out of the furniture, cobwebs off the ceiling, and especially the dirt in hard to reach places. I even have used it to get the dust off of the top of unreachable cupboards and fan blades.

Keep in mind though that a vacuum cleaner alone may not get all the dirt out of the carpets and you may need to seek professional help to restore their new look. You could also rent a steam cleaner that will really work in getting some of those deep dirt stains out of your carpet.

Use these helpful cleaning house tips the next time you go to clean your house so you can cut your cleaning time down and use that time for things you want to do instead.

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