How To Get Pregnant With A Boy – Methods For Having A Son

Every pregnancy has to be well-planned, from the decision to get pregnant with a boy or a girl to the final stage of childbirth. Pregnancy is a new chapter in a couple’s life that has its own share of responsibilities and happiness.There are some couples who want to have a boy. Often boys are associated with the notion of being the “head of the family”, who will protect the household from all the problems. There are some easy and useful ways that will help you to get pregnant with a baby boy. Let us discuss some of them now.

First of all, the ovulation time is important when one is planning to get pregnant with a baby boy. The intercourse should take place during this time as it will stimulate fertilization. This method is known as Shettles method.

Secondly, the area surrounding the cervix should be well lubricated as that is the place which is alkaline. It is this alkalinity that increases the possibility of getting a boy. Hence, the significance of orgasm is crucial in increasing the alkalinity.

Thirdly, the male partner can jungle boys strains the sperm count by preventing ejaculation. Also, men should have coffee and avoid alcohol or cigarettes.

Fourthly, one should practice healthy eating habits comprising fresh green vegetables, dairy products, red meat, and food rich in folic acid as well as alkalinity.

Lastly, one should practice yoga, meditation and light exercises. And avoid strain, as it increases the stress hormone that favors the birth of a girl child.

The correct way of planning a child is the key to a successful and healthy pregnancy. The scientific fact is that presence of maximum Y chromosomes results in the birth of a boy and vice-versa. It is the interplay of these two chromosomes (X, Y) that decides the gender of a child.

There are some natural methods that are used by couples, like the use of primrose oil, which increases the cervical mucus. Other than that, some pregnant mothers have cough syrups that contain Guaifenesin. It promotes the possibility of having a son. Also, potassium and sodium rich food is suggested in the case of conceiving a baby boy. You can consume quinoa seeds, blessed thistle herb, to get the above minerals.

Men should exempt themselves from wearing tight fitted clothes and should prefer boxers, to keep the scrotum cool to increase the sperm count.

The excitement or urgency to get pregnant with a boy always results in some people following “old wives’ adages” like the time of the year. Certain families also ensure checking Chinese calendar and horoscope.

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