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The best high quality men’s leather belts aren’t only comfortable, good looking, and make even the sharpest dressed men look much better. All belts made by famous fashion designers are going to initially look the same, however there is a huge difference between an average high-quality leather belt made by a top designer, and a low-quality imitation or knock-off. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen people wearing belts that didn’t have the full name of the designer on them! Such fake belts are so common and can be so embarrassing, that I actually compiled a whole guide to telling you how to spot genuine leather belts from fake ones. Here’s what you need to know!

You can tell quality leather belts apart from fake belts by checking the underside of the leather. If you see “distressed leather” or some other kind of raised texture on the underside vi da ca sau nam of the leather, it’s authentic. You’ll also find grain leather belts, which is top grain leather that is dyed, and split grain leather belts, which are usually split cowhide pieces cut from the lower half of a hide. Full-grain leather belts have more of the natural oils in the leather and are softer.

A leather belt buckle is traditionally made out of steel, however lately, new materials such as titanium, brass, and ceramic are starting to become more common in belt buckles. Brass is typically made out of zinc, whereas titanium is typically made out of maltreated copper. Brass and titanium have a nice sheen to them, while copper has a duller and rougher finish. It’s important to note that stainless buckles, which are made entirely out of stainless steel, are extremely hypoallergenic, while nickel buckles tend to cause an allergic reaction. Buckle style is also typically made out of leather, although nowadays, there are synthetic leathers that can be used in place of leather.

Quality leather belts have beautiful hardware. Full grain leather belts have heavy and sturdy hardware, often covered with gold and sometimes adorned with stones. These can be stamped, etched, or painted in any number of beautiful designs. Many people also like to include little touches such as detailed stitching or beautiful decorative fasteners, such as wooden D-rings.

To learn how to remove this template message, click here. Please help improve your wardrobe by using all of my articles on sexier clothes. They are: Sexy, Gentle, and Trendy. You can have the most stunning and attractive wardrobe ever, just by learning how to choose the right leather belt buckle.

Leather belts will always be around, as they are a great accessory for skirts and pants. They can be used to add height, or to create the illusion of a longer torso. They come in many different styles, colors, sizes, and price ranges. Use my articles on sexy pants, slacks, dresses, and other articles on dressing to help you find the belt that will work for your personal style. There are so many great belt buckles out there, that I can guarantee you will find one that will work for you. Whether you want a bold buckle, a thick belt, a thin belt, a leather utility belt, or anything else, you can find it.

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