Pfizer is a Great Dividend Stock to Own

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Pfizer is a very good dividend stock to own. It has been a solid company for a long time, and it has paid off handsomely in the process. But to be a good dividend stock, consumers need to believe that it is only going to increase in value, not reduce. Otherwise, compounded interest will eat away at what you are earning from your stock over time. With Pfizer, that is unlikely due to recent financial problems.

Investors who are looking for high dividend stocks should consider PFE. Other companies with great dividends include Ford and Wal-Mart. However, there is not much of a focus on them by dividend-oriented investors. Instead, they are looking at stocks that pay high dividends that have high market caps. That does not mean that they are the best dividend stocks to own, but it means that they are not the worst.

A great thing about Pfizer is that the board of directors has always tended to stick with the dividend rate and have paid it consistently since it was first established in 1978. If you are an investor who is looking for steady growth, this may be the stock for you. Even if Wall Street is down on Pfizer due to its poor finances, the dividend payment keeps coming every quarter.

There are some drawbacks with owning Pfizer. One of them is that the overall supply of pharmaceuticals in the world is not very high. In other words, there are not many investors who are able to take advantage of this market, which limits the amount of money that companies like Pfizer can charge for a drug. Another drawback is that drug pricing tends to change rapidly. This can affect the price that investors are willing to pay for stocks like Pfizer.

The great thing about holding Pfizer stock is that the dividend yield is very high. The dividend yield is essentially the return that investors will receive from each stock divided by the number of shares. The higher the dividend yield, the better off that an investor is. That means that the more shares that an investor owns, the more money he or she can potentially earn per share.

If you are an investor who is looking for great dividend stocks to buy, then look to Pfizer. Pfizer offers high dividend payments and has a stable business. It is one of the few companies in the pharmaceutical industry that has been able to ride out the economic downturn. These two things make it one of the more attractive dividend stocks out there. You can get more information like news at

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