Ting Tings Videos – Visions of Diamonds and Colors

The Ting Tings is the greatest gift of Britain to the world this 2008. Amidst an industry dominated by the usual musical formula of pop rock and mutilated punk, this band choose to thrive in their own genre of an eclectic mix of different sounds. Their album, We Started Nowhere is a testament that this band has spent years inside a world of their own, inventing a whole new musical concoction that would ‘ting’ the world. Now, Katie White and Jules de Martino are taking over the music biz with Ting Tings videos, lyrics, and a fresh take on music.

For a band who really wants to sell, the idea of joining the bandwagon of other artists might sound very enticing. However, a different thing can be said about this group. This Brit band sure is brave to come out with something that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. They debuted as a band whose sounds deviated from all the others who are hitting off the music charts. Katie’s unique voice and Jules’ amazing beats have offered a fresh new alternative to listeners who are tired of bad guitar playing and actresses trying to sing. This deviant combination of sounds also transcends into their music videos, their image, and the total packaging of the band.

Their videos just defy the trend of other music videos we’ve seen in the last few years. Some artists would opt for 網上鑽石 kind of story in their put in the mix while others go for lots of serious dancing. Instead of using all the other more complex approaches in making a music video, they just do what reflects their sound and their persona as a band. If you’ve noticed, their videos utilize colors and crazy camera shots to a maximum. Shut Up and Let Me Go, That’s Not My Name, and Great DJ are very much into colorful backgrounds, lots of camera movements, and scene transitions. This approach might sound like an eyesore to viewers, but since the videos only feature Katie and Jules, it actually works quite well.

The best thing about the videos is that the band doesn’t try to become someone else. Their videos reflect what they are as a band—their music and attitude towards the industry. Fancy, crazy, and totally out-of-the-box, this band doesn’t only rule radios. The release of their music videos also propelled them to conquer music channels worldwide.

Currently, Jules de Martino and Katie White are doing a European tour that would cover countries like Germany, Belgium, and France. They are also working towards the release of their music video for the song Be the One, the 4th single from their debut album.

With the current exposure they are experiencing, the world is sure to see more Ting Tings videos, and if the music industry knows any better, a follow-up album might be in the works, as well. When that happens, fans all over the world are up for another take on cool music, colorful videos, and infectious tunes.

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