What’s the Keyword Prefix For Google?

A recent article on EzineArticles identified a very good resource for online marketers seeking a list of Google results that have the keyword phrase you are looking for. This article explained to readers that Google’s Keyword Search Volume Database (KDP) is the best free tool for keyword research. As the authors wrote, keyword research is the basis of any successful internet marketing campaign. The right keyword combination is critical to a business’ success, because it enables web surfers to quickly find the websites offering the products and services they need. They can do so without spending time and money on other options.

According to the article, keyword database in the KDP have been calculated by surveying millions of web pages for terms that users commonly type when looking for particular products or services. The database keywords list was created by combining several sources of information. These include the official web site listings as well as data from other sources, such as Google itself. The article noted that some marketers view the KDP as an accurate reflection of what people are searching for, while others believe the program has little to no effect on search volume. In fact, some experts argue that the term “Google Keyword Searches Volume Database” is inaccurate due to the fact that the keyword phrases searched by web surfers are not limited to any particular category.

The writers also pointed out the fact that there are two different ways to use the Google keyword search volume database. One method measures how many times the keyword phrase appears on the first page of Google results. The second method measures how often the keyword phrase appears throughout the rest of the database. In addition to using the first Google page result for your keyword, marketers can also use the secondary Google page results to find niche keywords that would not show up in the first search.

Many people, including some in the SEO world, use the KDP as a source of good research material for optimizing their websites and landing pages. It turns out, however, that there are problems with the KDP. For example, phrases with the phrase “demand” or “demand-side” are always listed in the Google keyword search volume database because people are searching for these types of products. Marketers often attempt to use this technique to “optimize” their websites and make them more visible in the search volume database by using the phrases as part of content. However, the search volume database shows this type of keyword as its own category.

The KDP also excludes all variations of the keyword as well as all variations of the phrase. That includes phrases such as “demand-side”, “Sector-dependent” and “demand-side keywords”. So, when someone searches for “jeans”, they get “demand jeans” or “jeans demand-side”. When someone searches for “jeans”, they get either “demand jeans” or “demand-side jeans”, not both.

So, if you want your keyword phrase to show up in Google, you’ll need to focus on getting it into the Google results that have the most relevance. There are two ways to do this. You can optimize your web page or website for the specific search term so that it targets the right set of keywords, or you can bid on keywords. One problem is that you cannot bid on generic terms (i.e. just any word) because the other bidder will have already used those keywords.

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